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Swimsuit Care

For sustained quality and look, swimwear should be:

​-Hand washed after each wear, with cold water and small amount of detergent.

*After washing do not wring, just squeeze excess water out, and lay flat to dry in a mild environment. 

*Avoid extensive use in chlorinated environments and hot tubs. (Wash immediately).

*Do not wash your swimsuit in a washing machine, as the pieces are delicate.

*Do not soak swimwear.

*Do not use dryer, as it can weaken the elasticity of the pieces.

Be wary of where you choose to sit, avoid harsh environments; lay down a towel before sitting down.
Any other questions on how to properly care for your new swimwear email us at


Size Guide

*Please read the product descriptions on the specific fit of each item. DM us or send an email if you are unsure and we would be happy to help you find the perfect fit!


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