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About the brand:

Before I started my own swimwear label, I felt it was very difficult to find good-quality, flattering bikinis; that were not ridiculously expensive.


That's when I decided to create my own brand as I had a passion for design & creation.


As I began my seach for manufacturers, I was shocked at how cheap the price point was for each set. Once I got the sample, the price reflected on the material. And with a little research, a world of cruelty unfolded. I learned that the living conditions and wages of the workers are why it only cost less than $10 for a bikini set. This is when I knew that I had an ethical obligation to create a sustainable swimwear label. 

Then Tranquila Swimwear was born. The 3 most important values to my brand that I will always stand by are: quality, sustainability, and ethics. 


All of our fabrics are sourced from one of the most successful textile mills in Brazil which use Amni Soul Eco®- the world's first biodegradable yarn.


This reduces environmental impact & amount of waste left for future generations. 


When disposed of, our swimwear will degrade in less than 5 years compared to a staggering 50 years for general textiles.

Our fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified, which ensures the safety of textiles & protects the planet for future generations. 


Our manufacturing facility is located in Brazil & specializes in swimwear production. They have fair wages, safe environment & working conditions, and fair business hours.  

We plan to implement more environmentally friendly steps to make our brand more eco-friendly such as replacing our current packaging with packaging made from recycled materials. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our sustainability policies please email us at

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