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About our brand

With a closet full of cheaply made bikinis that did not flatter me in any way, I found myself interested in creating bikinis that were figure-hugging, high quality, but also affordable.

In 2020, Tranquila Swimwear was born. The name "Tranquila" originated from one of my favorite words "Tranquil." This word encompassed what I felt when I was near the ocean. 

I am very happy to be able to call my brand sustainable. Using only high-quality, certified sustainable fabric to create long-lasting pieces that hug your body perfectly. 

I hope you love my bikinis as much as I do!

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All of our fabrics are sourced using a special kind of fabric called Amni Soul Eco®- the world's first biodegradable yarn.


This reduces environmental impact & amount of waste left for future generations. 


When disposed of, our swimwear will degrade in less than 5 years compared to 50 years for

regular fabrics.

Our fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified, which tests and ensures the safety of fabrics, thus protecting the planet for future generations. 


Our manufacturing facility is located in Brazil and is women-run. They have fair wages, safe environment & working conditions, and fair business hours.  

We are always striving to become more and environmentally friendly.  Currently, we are  replacing our current packaging with packaging made from recycled materials. 

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